From The Vault: “Swingtown – Alternate Version”

A reimagined version of the Steve Miller Band’s classic “Swingtown” is available for streaming now! This alternate take is the third track released from October’s Welcome To The Vault box set. 

“Vastly different than the kinetic, Teflon-slick top 20 Billboard Hot 100 single from 1977’s Book of Dreams, this “Swingtown” starts with a ringing, psychedelic intro before going into a gentle chug that takes the track into its familiar melody.” – Billboard

Listen Now:

Welcome To The Vault – a career spanning 3 CD + DVD  collection containing 52 audio tracks and 21 performances on DVD, with 38 previously unreleased recordings, including 5 compositions that have never been heard before, and featuring alternate versions of classic songs, live performances and more, housed in a 100 page hard bound book with Steve’s personal photos, and a 9,000 word essay by David Fricke.

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